Water Law

Since the separation of land and water rights in Australia in the mid 1990’s, a number of “Water” based assets have evolved. Although the terminology (and definitions) vary between states essentially “Permanent”, “Temporary” and “Delivery” asset classes now exist across the board.

With strong demand for trade, spurred in part by government buy backs, markets have developed to support a multi-billion dollar industry. Investors from outside the agribusiness space are now seeking exposure to water assets and water trading has become big business.

If you are interested in buying or selling water assets, or require licence compliance advice, you will need a lawyer who understands the industry, the approvals process and the pitfalls.

Benjamin J Horne advises on all areas of Water Law including:

  • General conveyancing.
  • Prosecutions.
  • Litigation –e.g. flood claims, watercourse interference, public indemnity claims, spray drift (negligence), nuisance and water pollution actions.
  • Advising on extent of security interests in water based assets under mortgages.
  • Disputes with irrigation supply entities, landholders, government and other entities.
  • Advising irrigation supply entities.
  • Advising on PIIOP schemes.
  • Farm Debt Mediation.

For a confidential and obligation free discussion regarding your water matter please don’t hesitate to contact Ben and his team.