Criminal Law

Unfortunately at one time or another, you or somebody you know will require the services of a criminal lawyer.

Criminal charges for which you may need a criminal solicitor are not limited to offences such as major fraud, serious assaults, murder and robbery. Lesser crimes, known as summary offences, are fairly commonplace, and you may be seeking a criminal lawyer in Sydney to represent you in any of the Courts located throughout metropolitan Sydney and suburbs. Benjamin J Horne also provides criminal law services in rural and regional Courts on request.

Ben has appeared in most Local Court houses throughout New South Wales and is well versed in criminal law and procedure. He is also one of the very few lawyers in Australia with experience defending “Water Law” prosecutions.

On the whole it is always best to seek advice prior to speaking with Police on any criminal or traffic matter. It is also prudent (and most of the time more cost effective) to speak with a lawyer about the charge and Police Facts before attending Court and entering a plea. Unlike many other lawyers Ben is willing to provide a preliminary advice on your case without obligation to instruct him on appearing for you at Court (please note that you will require a copy of your criminal and or traffic record). This is particularly helpful for people with borderline low range PCA (“Drink Driving”) matters.

If you are concerned about a possible prosecution or Police harassment then you may also like to contact Ben to discuss your options.

At present Ben is offering a fixed price special on – “Drink Driving PCA Plea” – $1,100.00 (GST incl). Price includes 1 hour conference with advice on Police Facts and charge. If advice is to plead guilty and advice is accepted, then provision of reference template. Review of references. Attendance at Court to enter plea and attendance on Sentencing Hearing.

For a confidential and obligation free discussion about your criminal law matter please do not hesitate to contact Benjamin J Horne Lawyer.


All other matters quoted. Fixed fees available.