Commercial Litigation

Disputes are a part of doing business. They may not occur every day but when they do your business needs to be prepared and that includes having access to fast and accurate advice on your exposure and options.

Benjamin J Horne has a well founded reputation for effectively dealing with commercial disputes using a broad range of strategies, including court and early mediation to achieve pre-determined client outcomes.

By simply taking the time to listen to his client’s objectives, closely scrutinising their evidence and obtaining timely (and relevant) expert advice (where required), Ben and his team can devise litigation strategies to obtain the best commercial outcomes.

Whilst many of Ben’s clients seek him out because of his ability to objectively assess and advise on their claims, others seek his willingness to provide them with ownership of their matter. These strengths can only be achieved through open and honest communication. One criticism Ben often hears about law firms is that once the client signs the Costs Agreement they only hear from their lawyer on the day of Court, or when they receive the bill! This approach is litigation is archaic, absurd and does not provide for successful outcomes. Another common complaint is that once a client signs the Costs Agreement new lawyers are assigned to their matter at regular intervals and they are forced to explain their case over and over again (and are charged for it!). At Benjamin J Horne Lawyer, you instruct Ben and he follows the matter through with you from start to finish. In short, the key is communication. Open communication provides for flexibility in strategy and flexibility in business is often the difference between success and failure.

Amongst other court and tribunals, Ben and his team appear regularly in;

Local and Magistrates Courts
District and Country Courts
Supreme Courts
Federal Court & Federal Magistrates Court
Land & Environment Court

Most businesses involved in litigation of any kind review their processes once the issues present as a problem. Ben has developed a reputation for identifying risk in business processes and developing strategies to minimise the risk of future disputes. Prevention is almost always better than a cure, particularly where litigation is involved as it can quickly become expensive and time consuming for business.

There are number of types of commercial disputes and each requires significant knowledge and expertise. Ben and his team have experience and regularly practise in the following areas:

Civil litigation.
Consumer Law.
Contractual and property disputes.
Corporate regulation.
Domestic trade disputes.
Employment Law.
Financial services regulation and litigation.
Insurance litigation.
Intellectual property litigation.
Tax litigation.

For a confidential discussion and obligation free discussion about your commercial dispute please hesitate to contact Ben and his team.