Agribusiness Advisory

Australian Agribusiness has changed significantly over the past three decades.

Rural businesses now require the specialist legal advice previously only accessible by multinational corporates. The advice required can be on issues as varied as:

  • Starting out and growth strategies (including capital raising).
  • Produce issues – PBR and ongoing or deferred liability issues – chemical residue, heavy metals, soil degradation, organics.
  • Forward selling…. And sale contracts generally.
  • Negotiating contracts with suppliers.
  • Strategy for competing in a global economy/global forecasting.
  • Transport – dealing with increasing infrastructure, plant and equipment costs.
  • Employment – balancing increasing labour costs with ever reducing labour resources,
  • Financing – finding the structure that works; building a business plan; Defining exactly forms the “security”; and accessing alternative forms of finance.
  • Succession planning – Have an exit plan!
  • Contingency planning – Hope for the best but plan for the worst!
  • Advice on insurance claims.
  • Credit control and debt/debtor management.
  • Restructuring and debt renegotiation.

Surround yourself with advisors who understand the industry.

Benjamin J Horne has the experience and contacts to assist you with your agribusiness.

Ben has advised numerous agribusiness clients on the above issues and more.  Whether you are an industry participant or looking to take your first steps into the agri space you should first contact Benjamin J Horne to discuss your matter, opportunity or business requirements.